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• Looking to communicate you are who you say you are? Or a renewed sense of clarity around your personal or company brand?logo-TheArtofBrandStory

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mexico_stampRight now, I’m working in Mexico (running back and forth between New York.) You’ll find me taking my signature  NY Brand Lab on the road__ speaking, coaching, brand consulting & working with individuals and organizations to bring more meaning back to the table. If we’re not working 1:1, it’s Skype that makes it all possible. So it’s no problem wherever you are.


You can find me on Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, pinterest google plus, instagram @maryvandewiel


BLC logoI also wear another hat: As creative director of  a new adventure, The-Matt-Blatt-Replica-Hans-Wegner-Shell-Chair-Walnut-Leather_LRFour years ago, I started painting in Mexico (always been the incurable doodler) and now, after two exhibitions in Australia & Mexico in the last 12 months as well as a recent POP UP, I’m busy translating the abstract images over on to printed fabrics, furniture, fashion accessories, the lot. Go take a peek at And yes, follow on instagram for daily updates


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