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Fact 1: Huge paradigm shifts are changing the way we do business. I call it 21C Business Unusual.

The possibilities & opportunities out in the world (mixed with the noise and information overload)  are expanding at a staggering rate.

That means you just have to have a keener sense of clarity around what you do and why you do it__and the ability to make more meaningful, emotional connections with people. How are you doing on that front?

Fact 2: As digital natives, we’re now having more conversations 24/7 with more people than ever before.

Imagine the thousands of snippets of dialog whirling around inside your brain and around your business (every second.) Are you paying attention to the message you’re actually communicating?

Fact 3 Confused minds don’t buy. If you’re mindful about what people are longing for and make it easy for them to work with you or buy from you__ you’re way ahead of the rest.

If you offer a transformational experience, people’s eyes will be gleaming, their hearts beating faster….

In the 90-minute Brand Audit, we tap into what you really stand for and why it matters. The Brand Audit is one-part reality check. One-part strategy session. One-part marketing assessment.

PS It’s highly likely your brand’s invisible clues might be shooting you / your business in the foot __ and getting in the way of your business success. (Are you ready to take a look at those invisible triggers?!)

Here’s how it works:Book A Brand Audit with Van

  • Introductory 20 minute Skype Chat. After your payment has gone through, you’ll receive an email so we can schedule a 20-minute introductory chat on skype. I want to hear what you most need to walk away with after the session. We’ll also schedule a time and date for our Skype call. Within the next 24-48 hours, you can expect a comprehensive Audit Questionnaire document for your responses. I’ll already have tweaked the Audit Questionnaire so it’s highly personalized for you __ full of prods and prompts to help you rethink your brand. FYI Your answers are all strictly confidential, needless to say.
  • My process | 3-hour review and research.  After I receive your document, I review your responses,  prowl around your offline and digital presence, identify the emotional clues embedded throughout your world – including the invisible triggers that tell your audience go away, don’t buy or stick around awhile. I see what’s coming up for you, evaluate your messaging (or other marketing docs you might have sent), research the market and create some initial findings. I’ll pick up a  sense of the fundamental points of pain around your brand so we’ll move quickly and make sure you walk away  some high-value information. I help you understand not just the tone of your online conversations, but more importantly, identify the underlying invisible clues, issues and intentions behind those dialog snippets.
  • On our scheduled 90-minute Skype call. You’ll walk away with a clearer vision of your brand and business’ undeniable value – and how to re-package your values, your story or your WHY so your clients lean in closer, eyes gleaming and come back for more. You’ll have creative ideas for a more synergistic and emotional brand dialog that will provoke and captivate your audience. FYI This can provide the foundation for creating powerful, highly effective marketing programs.
  • We schedule a 90-minute (or two 45-minute) Follow Up Call. We all know that making changes and adjustments can take time. After working on so many Brand Audits in the past eight years, I’ve found that scheduling follow-up calls makes a big difference. It gives you time to absorb and integrate, then edit and tweak the changes online. If you have more questions or need help in that area, we book another 90-minute session to follow up. Or you can choose two 45-minutes sessions. The only requirement is that we make this session happen within two months of our initial Brand Audit call. (Deadlines are important because they keep us focused.)

“Van can switch from multinational to entrepreneur mindsets in a flash – across sectors, channels and audiences but with a brand’s own story running fast through each. She has the instinct of a true marketer that shapes every story right – and a client side manner built on trust and rapport to bring it all together. I think any brand will be the better for being audited by her.” _Nick Stravs, EVP International Consulting EMEA Weber Shandwick Switzerland

Brand Audit Investment: $1500

“Van is the quintessential branding expert.  Her Brand Audits are a “must do” if you want advice on how to quickly capture people’s attention, immediately engage them and have them understand the essence of your brand.  She’s smart and a delight to work with.”__Michele Brown, President / Women Presidents’  Organization (WPO)

Next Steps

If you have any questions at all about the process, get in touch — If you’re ready to make this happen, just scroll to the bottom of page and click on the Green Button to process your payment. As soon as that goes through, within the next 24 hours, you’ll get an email looking to schedule our introductory 20-minute Skype call. Looking forward!

Book A Brand Audit with Van

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