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Thursday July 23, 2015 | North Sydney

How to Stand Out in the New Digital Era? 

Clue: Build an Irresistible Brand.

(It’s your best competitive advantage.)

WHAT’S THE NY BRAND LAB?  (i) A roll-up-your-sleeves workshop with award-winning creative brander, designer thinker & educator Mary van de Wiel; (ii) A unique opportunity for women in business to focus on re-imagining their brand so it’s more authentic and irresistible – and communicates that you are who you say you are. FYI Your customers will feel the difference… and that’s the moment they know they want to work with you or buy from you. Ka Ching!wow_factor

DESIGNED OR WOMEN IN BUSINESS Small business owners, change makers, creatives, entrepreneurs, visionary marketers, start ups, and artists: All looking to find their spot on the 21C new brand landscape.

WHEN Thursday, 23 July 2015 (Choose the Morning or the full day)

WHERE Village Co-Working, Level 3, 1 James Place, North Sydney 2060

WHY NOW? A new paradigm shift is inviting us to bring a different level of energy back to the table. What’s more, with increasing uncertainty in our hyper-connected world, the art of creating an engaging & irresistible business brand – with a high emotional quotient and a reputation to go along with it – has never been more critical. It’s the best strategy for standing out in this hyper-connected marketplace.

NO 1 BENEFIT  Building your brand in the New Digital Era is your best competitive advantage. Because keeping customers at arm’s length or keeping a low profile is no longer an option. When you start paying attention to building your brand in a more mindful way, your customers will feel the difference. That’s when wallets fly open!

LET’S FACE IT Every business leader and organisation has brand issues. If they’re serious enough, they’re going to get in the way of your business success and shoot you in the foot.

FACILITATOR, CREATIVE STRATEGIST & ARTIST  Mary van de Wiel (Van)  calls that a serious issue. After all, this is 21C Business Unusual. The world has never been as transparent or connected 24/7. Everyone’s talking about the new Digital Era. Some call it the Era of Engagement. Because if you want to stand out and cut through the noise, you need to join the conversation. Vanin BLC hatphoto

NOTE: Google recently announced they’re only rewarding and ranking organisations with relevant brands and irresistible stories to tell. It’s the key to wining hearts, inspiring minds and capturing the imagination of customers.

So how’s your brand looking?

My life can be divided into two phases: before and after signing up atThe NY Brand Lab. Van helped me gain clarity around my business and my brand that I hadn’t dreamed possible. –– MEGAN KENT CEO Megan Kent Branding Group / New York, NY

landress1WHAT WILL I WALK AWAY WITH?  Like a caffeine jolt, this roll-up-your-sleeves workshop will not only transform your mindset, it will boost your confidence and reinforce that you are who you say you are. We’ll dig deep, and you’ll walk away with a fresh, insightful set of strategies, tools and ideas. Take a look:

1) Brand Influence & Reputation You’ll learn how to manage your reputation so you stand out, and show up like you mean it. We’ll look at neuroscience trends, what makes your customer’s brain tick. (This is about real relationship building.)

2) Creativity & Storytelling: You’ll start to re-think your own messaging so it has exactly the right tone and voice. This is about bringing a new kind of energy to your story. (You’ll never keep your audience at arm’s length again.)logo-TheArtofBrandStory

3) Emotional Intelligence: You’ll focus on raising the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of your brand. It takes a willingness to connect in a more transparent and authentic way – online and offline – and it creates more trust. (PS Your customers will be your fans forever.)

4) Meaning & PurposeWhy do you do what you do? We’ll focus on bringing more meaning and purpose to your business. We’ll turn the lens inward on your values, emotions, goals so your messaging will resonate more with your customers.

5) Brand Behavior  You’ll monitor the kind of messaging your brand is communicating 24/7 online and offline. FYI Your brand is sending out subliminal messages whether you know it or not. Being mindful is key.photo8

Special Bonus: You’ll get the chance to sit on the ‘hot seat’ for Van’s signature Brand Audit (a mini-10 minute version) with your home page beamed up: That’s when Van evaluates your site and, with a laser-sharp focus, spots, identifies & interprets the invisible clues embedded in your brand (that are shooting you in the foot) – and then, on the spot, changes them into more irresistible, heart-felt messaging.

Van can switch from multi-national to entrepreneur mindsets in a flash – across sectors, channels and audiences but with a brand’s own story running fast through each. She has the instinct of a true marketer that shapes every story right – and a manner built on trust and rapport to bring it all together. I think any brand will be the better for meeting her.NICK STRAVS, EVP International Consulting / Weber Shandwick Switzerland



Date: Thursday, 23 July, 2015

Where: Village Co-Working, Level 3, 1 James Place, North Sydney 2060

Time: Two options: Sign up for the full day or choose just the morning session.

a) Morning Session | 9:30am-1:00pm (Limited to 20)

b) VIP Afternoon Session | 2pm-5pm (Limited to six)

(If you’re interested in the second session, the morning session is a prerequisite.)

Lunch: 1:00-2pm (not included). Café downstairs.

All-Day Parking: Right next door at James Place. Or a 10-minute walk from North Sydney train station.

In full disclosure: It takes a curiosity, courage and a willingness to rethink your brand, and your story for more transparency and authenticity across all platforms. (Be prepared!)



 • Morning Session 9:30am-1:00pm | Investment: $397

This is an intense 3.5 hour Brand Lab where we’ll work on uncovering what really makes your business tick, why you do what you do, carefully look at your values, your mindset and your willingness to be more transparent. We’ll then work on shaping your brand story so it resonates and hits home with your customers. This is about bringing more clarity, authenticity and meaning across your entire brand messaging so it resonates with your customers. PS They will feel the difference.

An exhilarating session with exercises and transformational insights around you, your business and your brand. Walk away with a new set of invigorating tools and strategies you can put into place when you get back to the office. Guaranteed. (And a spring in your step!)

 • VIP 1:1 Afternoon Session 2:00-5:00pm  (Only 6 people.) Investment: $497

Aligning all the elements of your brand is critical to standing out and showing up in today’s competitive marketplace. After the morning session, you’ll be better informed when it comes to positioning yourself and telling your story more authentically for the 21C new brand landscape.

In this more intimate setting, we’ll pull back the layers so you get 1:1 attention, creative ideas and insights when it comes refining, and then embedding your core messaging across your entire brand and site – as well as coaxing out your own unique voice across the social media platforms that matter to you. Van will carefully audit each business, and make sure your message is engaging and communicates you are who you say you are.

TWO CHOICES |  SIGN UP BELOW July 23, 2015 | North Sydney Australia

Option One: Morning Session 9:30-1:00pm


Option Two: VIP Afternoon Session 2:00-5:00pm

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  • Your brand is just a feeling. It’s what people say/feel about after you leave the room. FYI It’s not your logo, colour palette or the way you walk your talk
  • Emotional intelligence, self-awareness, business acumen and vision are today’s meta skills for leadership. Courage and the willingness to be transparent always lands a higher score with your customers.
  • All good brands communicate powerful messaging to the world 24/7. It’s never been more important to be mindful around your brand behavior. Your brand requires mindfulness and attention.
  • We live in a customer-centric world. All good brands need more clarity in order to make more meaningful connections that matter to people. This is about raising the connection quotient so your messaging resonates deeply.
  • Values shape and define your organisation. When everyone can champion a set of real, human values (owning, living and breathing them), your brand story is much more compelling. Your customers will feel the difference.


About Mary van de Wiel | Creative Captain at Zing Your Brand & Co.

A Dutch sea captain’s daughter, Mary van de Wiel learned how to scope out the horizon and interpret the invisible clues – no matter what the country, culture or language. It seemed the best way to sense one’s place and identity in the world and give it meaning.

No wonder she’s been dubbed ‘business psychologist’ in the brand intelligence space. For the last 30 years, she’s successfully been interpreting the invisible clues for CEOs, visionary business leaders & change agents – putting their brands on the global map.
AFphotoSwirlAs founder/CEO and Creative Captain of, Van is devoted to transformational branding and storytelling. She consults, speaks at conferences, leads her signature NY Brand Lab workshops around the USA, Mexico and Australia, hosts a weekly radio show on why some brands nail it (currently on hiatus) and tutors & lectures Masters students at The University of Sydney Business School.

She built her award-winning branding agency business on this principle: Helping people recognize who they are – so others can. It’s the secret to mindful leadership. With offices in New York and Sydney, Van initiated the agency’s global start-up division for Fortune 500 clients and led launch campaigns for the Macau International Airport in China, Who Weekly in Australia (first time Time Inc. published its title offshore) and The National Constitution Center in the USA.photo6

Other clients include ABC Innovation, AMP, Viacom, Conde Nast USA, Comcast Cable, Sony, Time Warner, Zurich Int., Sydney Opera House, News Corp., Time-Warner, Seven Network & The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.

Van has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Reuters, Amex Business Forum, The Telegraph (UK), Investor’s Business Daily, The Australian Financial Review and more.

Vanin BLC hatphotoPassionate about the worlds where  neuroscience, creativity and innovation intersect, she’s currently developing online training programs for the 21C New Brand Landscape. When she’s not working on It’s Not Enough to Be Brilliant: 10 Dares to Branding, you’ll find her painting her way back and forth across the Pacific. Check out or her daily updates on

happens onlinehappens online

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