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  • November 16th, 2014

23 crazy (but true) things about the branding challenges in business.

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Not sure how long ago it was. In any case, I was once dubbed Brand Provocateur. Probably because I have a tendency to dare people to get out of their own way. Out of their comfort zone, etc. Why? It just makes it that much easier to see what’s really going on around their business and brand. And of course, that extends to what’s going on in their life, relationships and all the other good stuff. Right.

In the spirit of the brand provocateur on this Monday in Sydney 73F/22C,  and after years of throwing out some crazy maxims, I want to share some with you: Short and pithy mostly. And generally true. They’re here to remind you what you already know – or just to challenge yourself.  I promise that your brand (personal or business) and your business are going to be the beneficiary of 21 Crazy (But True.) Here goes:-

Please, I invite you to add your pithy maxims to the list at the bottom. Make them crazy. Make them a little weird.

1. Yip. Lighten up. Wear the hat of Master of Serious Play. (Because laughter sends endorphins to our brain.)

2. Think about whatever it is you take for granted. Now turn that around & upside down. (Yep. Topsy turvy.)

3. Be the visual storyteller in your biz. (Unsure about that? Ok. Take it one day at a time. Creativity needs coaxing.)

4. Play being the innovator in your space. (Dare to dream. Not many people do.)

5. Go ahead. Do great stuff. Just make sure it satisfies a specific craving, desire. (It’s what we’re all longing for. In fact, we’re waiting for it.)

6. Offer huge value.  As often as you can. (Never worry about over delivering.)

7. Mix up your own potent brand cocktail. Say, strategic acumen with creative inventiveness. (OK Your special recipe?)

8. Lessen the gap between where you are right now and where you want to go. (Do this. It will make you gasp…)

9. Work collaboratively = More joy.  (Remember, we’re tribal at heart.)

10. Dare to disrupt your routine. It might take you out of your comfort zone. (Challenge the same-old-same-old route. Please.)

11. Take risks. (Especially when you least feel like it.)

12. Play Brand Detective. Track down the subliminal mixed messages you’re sending out to the world 24/7. (PS I can see them.)

13. Excite your world, customer, client, colleague, friend, boss, loved one, you get the idea. (Do it often: for starters.)

14. Listen more. Focus on the tone of of the conversation. (Much more important than you think.)

15. Be grateful. About everything. Every day. Por favor.

16. If you’re not communicating you are who you say you are, you might as well go home.

17. Regularly check the pulse of your brand. (You don’t want to fall into the Dead Brand Walking trap. Ever.)


18. Be vulnerable. No, that doesn’t mean spilling your guts. (FYI Your vulnerability is your biggest advantage.)

19. Remember your brand is just a feeling others have about you, what you do, why it matters and why they should give a damn. (That’s a very good thing to remember.)

20. Your values shape you. Know what they are. (Please. Don’t keep them on a piece of paper stuck in the top drawer.)

21. Embrace the reason why you get up every day. Meaning and purpose count. More than ever. (Seriously.)

22. Flexing your creative muscle is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. Then, your business. BTW My world, life and business changed the moment I started painting larger-than-life BlackLineCrazy abstracts in 2012. (But that’s another story:)

23. Dare to live out loud. Be the tall poppy. Shake things up. Get unstuck. (Otherwise, you’re toast.)van_sign_big


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