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  • August 28th, 2014

Give your brand a human face. – Australian Financial Review

Love this intriguing headline! The eyes have it: Give your brand a human face.

The credit goes to writer & editor Rachel Nickless from The Australian Financial Review. Kudos Rachel! It appeared yesterday (August 27) in the AFN, and it all came about because I’d been invited to speak at The Australian Institute of Human Resources Convention (AHRI) in Melbourne last week. I was talking about how to create a leadership brand for the 21st Century, and the implications around the New Brand Landscape, emerging trends and neuroscience. So I was thrilled to talk with Rachel about brand intelligence, what it means, why it matters and why anyone should give a damn. Check out her Workspace page in AFR.com or follow her @nicklessrachel.

To read article, click on the Financial Review icon below and it will open actual size.



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