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  • August 25th, 2012

Infographic:: ZingYourBrand in 4 Simple Steps

People keep asking what the process is all about.
When it comes to zinging your brand, that is.

Here’s a simple infographic that will give you the big Zing picture in four steps.

1.) Your brand requires an Audit.
Just like you need a medical checkup from time to time, so does your brand. This is where I go in and pull back the layers. Probe around. Find out what’s really going on, where it hurts and what’s getting in the way of your biz success.

Believe it or not, there are always invisible clues just staring in your face. You never see them. But I do:: And that’s the fun.

I interpret all the clues for you that are shooting you in the foot. Then transform them into more compelling & irresistible messaging that will knock the socks of your tribe/audience. It’s a total turnaround in thinking. Dubbed the Brand Zingventory Audit, it will give you a brand new lens through which to perceive your brand. FYI This process is really about bringing more meaning and purpose to the biz table. So we look at what kind of messaging you are sending out to the world, 24/7.

2.)Your brand craves a clearly articulated & amaZINGly irresistible story.
This is where we start to look at what WHY you do what you do.

The answer to WHY you do what you do is hugely critical. So think about your why – and why it matters, and why anyone should care. Seriously. Because this thinking will give you all the clues you need to craft a meaningful story about you, your biz and your brand. FYI We do one very special exercise that is designed to coax out your creative essence and get right to the heart of your brand.

Some people find this challenging. But most walk away gasping. True.

3.) Your brand longs for an identity.
Nothing more compelling than an identity that tells the world who you are, what you stand for –– and more importantly, that you ARE who you say you ARE. It’s not as straight forward as you think. This is about showing up like you mean it.

Being willing to get out of your comfort zone. Actually opening up just a little so others can get to see you, know you, like you — and trust you.

FYI We have another interactive exercise that always gets the juices going. It allows you to get out of your own way and be truly honest with yourself.

4.) Your brand likes nothing more than a bit of transformation and tweaking along the way.
Your brand is not static. It’s not just your logo. Or your tagline. Or the color of the uniforms your staff wear. Or the color palette on your website. Hell, no. Your brand is a living, breathing organism and the sooner you embrace that idea, the better.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you are a corporate CEO or a small biz owner wearing bunny slippers in the back bedroom, your brand is totally embedded with your energy.

This Step 4º addresses why WHAT you do matters. Why your audience/tribe should care about buying from you or signing up with you or visiting your site (online or off.) This is about paying attention to bringing as much energy and consciousness to your brand so it feels alive, engaging — and totally authentic.

Any questions about this infographic? OK Just holler and we can continue the dialog:: van@zingyourbrand.com

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