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  • July 9th, 2012

Branding with Heart:: A Three-Week Program kicks off 7/10 in San Miguel, Mexico

I suddenly realized I hadn’t added this latest workshop to my blog and so heck:: so sorry because it’s starting tomorrow and we’ve maxed out on numbers! But I am keen to offer up the overview here because I am planning another workshop end July in Mexico City — so here goes::

It’s a three-week immersion program, and it kicks off tomorrow in San Miguel de Allende: The focus? It’s all about creating a business brand that resonates deeply with what your market longs for — and desires!

After all, it’s not enough to be brilliant today. People must know and remember that you are. So here’s a brief overview of our agenda for the next three weeks.

Q:How to Re-Imagine and Re-Energize your Purpose & Your Brand Story?

A: Tell it with Heart.
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know we’re living in a staggeringly competitive world. The question most business owners and entrepreneurs keep asking is: how to stand out, and show up in the marketplace — and impact the bottom line big time?

Let’s face it, the world is craving a different way of doing business. It’s about doing business with heart. It’s about creating a biz brand that resonates deeply with what your market longs for — and desires.

So how do you do that exactly?
This is about bringing a huge dose of trust, empathy and meaning to your business. In a nutshell, this is about recognizing yourself — so others can. So bring your own bundle of unique energy to this workshop at Life Path and you’ll walk away from this Immersion Program — Branding with Heart – with a reinvigorated brand that will shine brilliantly. Clue:: It’s about raising the level of your own consciousness and embedding it into your business. It’s the way of the future, no doubt about it.

What to bring every week:
• a curiosity to experiment
• a desire for a breakthrough in vision
• a willingness to show up (like you mean it)

The Bottom-Line Benefit?
This roll-up-your-sleeves workshop will help you channel your energy, integrity, creativity and courage into a personal credo that will drive everything you do. You’ll walk away looking at your brand through a different lens that will not only transform your mindset, it will boost your confidence and reinforce that you are who you say you are.

Workshop Location? San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
The workshop takes place in one of my favorite places in the world (I mean, San Miguel de Allende!) It’s called Life Path, a wellness center for learning, healing and retreats, and it’s known as one of the most fully integrated wellness centers in Mexico. The director, Dr. Beverly Nelson, has created a hugely energetic hub of creative visionaries, healers, seekers and restless creatives — and you can feel the magic the minute you walk through the front doors. A 300-year old sprawling hacienda, complete with exquisite guest rooms (some with private terraces and views of the mountains), Life Path attracts a special tribe of people and so I’m thrilled to be leading my second workshop here. (Hola and thanks, Beverly!)

Check out their site immediately and think about getting here for your next get-away or my next workshop:) http://lifepathretreats.com. Better still, email Beverly if you are even thinking of planning a trip here, and she’ll book you into one of my favorite rooms. (Clue: It’s called the Mountain Room!) Her email: beverly@lifepathretreats.com

Immersion Program Overview::
What’s your Why? Why do you do What You Do?
We’ll look at what you do, why it matters – and why anyone else should care. Seriously. This is about identifying your purpose and how you are framing it so others can get it, easily and effortlessly. Remember, your reason for doing what you do in your business (your WHY) is the foundation for everything. It’s the secret ingredient which draws your audience to lean in closer, hearts pumping — and then buy from you, work with you. It’s what brings meaning to your work and life.

Interactive exercise: Each person will get the chance to look at the trajectory of the defining moments in your life. This puts the spotlight very clearly on where you are right now, how you got here — and a different way of how to move forward. It will show you the patterns in your life and how you can leverage them to the fullest. Note: this is a very empowering exercise.

The Art of Creating An Irresistible Brand Story? It Requires Heart.
We’ll look at how you’d score on being (truly) congruent, transparent and authentic. Or, are you who you say you are? After all, business today is is all about creating trust. It’s the one piece in branding that always seems to need the most attention. We’re going to look at your ‘brand pulse.’ See whether it’s showing strong, vital signs because falling into the trap of Dead Brand Walking is not an option today. We’ll work on how to craft the right language, the right story –– and then, speak in the right voice, to the right audience, at exactly – the right time. We’ll look at how to be the creative visionary you are, in all that you do. Why? Because an engaging and irresistible story may be one way to knock the socks off your audience (and your competition) but what we’re really doing is creating a heart-felt story about what you, and what you actually bring to the table. It’s about creating a more meaningful and heart-felt way to communicate 24/7 with your audience.

Interactive exercise: We’ll dig deep and pull back the layers on what makes you tick. We’re going to uncover some of your best-kept secrets you have around yourself, and re-energize them so others can see you — in a different light. You’ll walk away from the program with a fresh new language and story – that embraces your intention to show up in the world — and be recognized.

RSVP: BOOKED OUT (Spaces always fill up in these intense immersion programs.Next workshop will be in Mexico City early August). So if you’re interested, email: van@zingyourbrand.com.

FYI Here’s the link to tomorrow’s workshop right here:: http://lifepathretreats.com/branding-with-heart

PS. I am going to post some photos here later:: I have to share the kind of beauty there is in this town. Astoundingly special, magical. A perfect spot in the world for re-imagining your world, your biz, your life and whatever else needs to be looked at::
Zingingly yours —

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