The NY Times Ideas and trends: the new breed of corporate logos

If you read the Sunday New York Times last week (05.31.09), and opened up the Week in Review Section, you’d have seen Bill Marsh’s piece in Ideas & Trends talking about a new breed of corporate logos. Marsh notes how Wal*Mart, Kraft, Stop&Shop, Sysco and Cheer and a few others have taken on more ‘non-threatening, reassuring, playful, even child-like logos and, rather than being emblems of distant behemoths, they’re faces of friends.”

There’s nothing quite like paying attention to your brand identity – its tone, attitude and mood – and, while it may not be at the top of your radar screen with the world economy in a downturn, you might pick up a few interesting insights from Bill Marsh.

Here’s what Marsh had to say re some recent redesigns in the corporate arena:

1. Bold, black and capital letters are out. Now, lower case letters are in (sometimes, all lower case) giving a less authoritative and stern voice. More like an informal chat. Letterforms are rounder and lighter, calmer and quieter.

2. Friendlier flourishes and whimsy are in. Marsh describes the logos from Kraft Foods, and Hasbro as ‘logos that smile’. What’s more, a dash of whimsy has been thrown into the mix. It lightens the corporate mood, so to speak.

3. Happier (and more joyful) colors are in. New colors for logos run in electric blue, school bus yellow, red, purple, orange and green.

So, when’s the last time you paid some attention to your logo?!!

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